Monday, July 12, 2010

Lont time no post cont'd

Monday and Tuesday once again came as blurs as it was work followed by the gym followed by some food and the house. Wednesday was once again my savior night of the week as it was the day to play some footy. We had two more games in which we won both again which put us in first place at the end of the first session. Not bad I don’t think. However, it was once again really, really hot out and the breeze didn’t help any as it was blowing around already hot air.

Thursday was a pretty fun night as I went to the gym and then caught a taxi to meet Joe and his aunt at the Reem Al mawadi restaurant. It was an authentic Lebanese place with vines and everything, man was this place sweet. It also was a place where a lot of the celebrities go to get some authentic food when they come to Dubai. It even served Nelly, which I thought was pretty cool considering the restaurant was off the main drag. The food was delicious and so was the company and the service as per the usual over here is excellent. After dinner, we took his aunts back to their apartment and decided to head back to the house, after all it was around 1 am and Friday was our fun day.
Friday was again a nice lay out and relax day. We then took our butts over to the mall to look for some jeans and ties for the wedding we are scheduled to go to in august. Also we had to get his uncle a gift because they were having everyone over to the house for dinner and this is the first time they have had anyone over since moving into the place in May. So we walked around for awhile and then decided to go get some drinks and play some backgammon in Downtown Dubai. We hung out there for awhile and then headed to dinner at his Uncle’s place. Dinner was fantastic and as usual it was a gigantic meal. First came the main dishes of lamb and rice, kidbe, chicken and pasta and some fatoush with hummus and bread. Then we all left the table the maids cleared it off and it was back to the table again for some deserts and fruits. By this time I was completely stuffed to the brim and then they offered coffee and tea with some biscuits and baked goods. I don’t think I have ever eaten so much but it was all so good I couldn’t resist. We headed back to the other mall to try and continue looking for some jeans and stuff but to no avail couldn’t find anything in the right size nor in the right price range….A pair of Levi’s cost almost $120. So we decided to pack up and head back to the house.

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day at work, not too much happened and at the end of the day I got offered a job when I finish college to come over here and work. Not sure how I feel about that but I will for sure take it into consideration. We hit the gym after work and then headed over to the lighthouse for some food before the big consolation game last night. The chicken was once again spectacular and the game last night was everything I was hoping for with a lot of goals and a good core of entertainment.

Today has been well busy and hectic and tonight I have practice once again. We are getting filmed again but for this time I have no idea. Last time it was for a world cup infomercial or something but I don’t really know the details. Anyway for now… good bye from Dubai.

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